Intro to Linux Containers with Bradley Meck

We’re excited to have Bradley Meck come and talk about Docker and LXC and the problems they solve.

We hope you can join us on Tuesday, October 7th!

Talk Summary

We will be covering the basics of Linux containers. The discussion will cover: how containers came to be, what the current favorites are, how they differ from other ways of doing things, and how they are evolving. From this we will be covering the benefits and problems with using containers. We will focus on Docker and LXC but spend time discussing how they work rather than just demos.

Note I will be avoiding live demos for now to focus on getting a grasp of what things mean rather than making people overly excited without knowing pitfalls.

Speaker Bio

Bradley is a senior developer at Node Source a Node.js consultancy with a focus on systems automation. He has been in all aspects of front-end to back-end and is continually investigating new technologies. He enjoys board games, cartoons, and long walks on the internet.

October 7, 2014 - meetup