Presenting StrongLoop: NodeJS and the Advent of iPaaS

Shubhra Kar, Director - Products, StrongLoop Inc., is an accomplished J2EE and Node technologist with extensive global expertise as an architect, management consultant and product manager. Focused on emerging tech, for over 15 years and across three continents, he has built and delivered successful solutions with Fortune 500 corporations, helping them bridge the gap between business and IT.

Talk 1 : Nodejs and the Advent of iPaaS (1 hr)

Not long ago, it was common for software architects to take a one “one-size-fits-all” approach, using Java based products on the front end, back end, and everywhere in between. Service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and enterprise application integration (EAI) products typically used Java and peer technologies such as XML to integrate legacy systems. Yet another set of Java based products were used to externalize the integrated data into APIs. These endeavors fell short because of the complexity introduced by the sheer number and highly heterogenous nature of legacy data and services. This further makes externalization equally difficult when trying to use a cocktail of Java products. The world is moving toward the cloud—both public and private clouds—and infrastructure demands are giving rise to a new generation of integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) API servers which specifically handle this use case with the added dimension of cloud versus your own datacenter. Node.js is powering these new iPaaS products because it’s dynamic, highly scriptable, and high-performance. Node hits the sweet spot because it enables developers to glue together disparate pieces of legacy infrastructure and quickly surface an API for next-generation web and mobile applications.
Ultimately, it promises to address emerging requirements for the internet of things (IoT).

October 1, 2014 - meetup