Web Hooks

Web hooks are becoming increasingly prevalent with service oriented architectures. Chances are, services you are currently using employ web hooks. In order to understand the utility and benefits of web hooks we need to categorize them. We will discuss 3 categories of web hooks and how to determine which ones suit your needs. Next we’ll create a small messaging system using different types of web hooks. We’ll address common problems typically experienced in real world use cases. Time permitting, we’ll look at a more complex example of a game using web hooks.

Speaker: Bradley Meck - Senior Software Engineer @BazaarVoice

At BazaarVoice, Bradley’s time is spent on API work, design, and argument on these topics. At night, he spends his spare development cycles on JavaScript work and W3C specifications. Accessibility is an interest that is increasingly occupying his time, especially regarding automation and how to create a better user experience for disabled users. In the course of working with automation, web hooks and service discovery have become very important to understand.

October 23, 2013 - meetup