Slow Websites Suck - RetailMeNot Case Study

Presented by Chris Holmok & Mike Cravey from RetailMeNot.

RetailMeNot lazily fell into the popular trend of feature bloat over site performance. This is the implementation level view of how they got faster, how they proved it and where they are going from here.

Mike Cravey is seƱor/managing UI Engineer at RetailMeNot where he is saving you money and bytes. He came to development the long way as a sys admin and then a designer. Mike fights for the rights of UI Engineering since many think they're just "making it pretty".

Chris Holmok started writing code when the DeLorean went into production. Originally from Cleveland, OH, he has worked for MySpace, Microsoft, Knotice, and OEConnection. Chris enjoys making music, photography, drinking obscure European Liquors and has a cat named Betty.

4.25.2013 (meetup)