Node.js and Drupal

Presented by Mike Minecki from Four Kitchens.

Drupal and Node.js go together like bread and butter, or milk and cereal or a burger and fries. We'll talk about 3 different projects that mixed and matched Drupal and Node.js in different configurations and architectures to meet a variety of business goals. A website that featured a live-feed of new Drupal content being created during a live event, a web app that allows users to create and share magnetic poems on everything from a smartphone to the desktop, and a website that needed to pull in a staggering number of real time feeds.

Mike Minecki has been building websites since 1999. At Four Kitchens he helped build and architect a number of different projects that utilized both Node.js and Drupal. He has taught Node.js in Austin and San Fransisco, and has been speaking at events around the country about how to integrate Node.js and Drupal.

4.18.2013 (meetup)