AWPUG - IaaS & PaaS with Heroku

Craig Kerstiens and Kenneth Reitz from Heroku will be visiting our fair city to give an overview of Heroku and some best practices for scaling. I can hear you now, “wait, isn’t Heroku for just Ruby?!” Not any more. They’ve expanded the languages they can run and now support Python as a first class citizen. Craig will walk through what a PaaS is, the benefits you get from using one, and deploy a very basic hello world application to Heroku. He’ll highlight some of the tools at your disposal to ease your development process. Kenneth, author of requests, clint, and envoy, follows up Craig’s introductory talk with a presentation on best practices for horizontal scalability. Many of these are trends that Heroku has had a chance to see emerge across thousands of users and such trends are broadly applicable for building any web application.