AustinJS - Offline Applications

September's meetup welcome's back local node.js hacker, Bradley Meck but this time Bradley is bringing his partner in crime, Kassandra Perch, to talk about not only a buzzword-worthy topic, but also one a topic that is incredibly useful -- offline web apps.

Offline features are more than just for when you application is offline or for viewing content offline! Bradley and Kassandra will be discussing how to use ApplicationCache to speed up page loads and Lawnchair.js for storing offline data. They will have an example using Backbone.js' ORM to have an offline application send requests with updated data to a server after it has been offline w/o user interaction.

Bradley Meck works full time at Nodejitsu on tooling and infrastructure. He enjoys security concerns and flow control issues. Most of his free time is spend creating random projects in Node.js or trying to get people to play tabletop RPGs. Although programming Javascript constantly, he has been working solely on the server side for several months.

Kassandra Perch is a web developer with experience developing several large PHP applications in team and content management. She has a distinct interest in JavaScript and JQuery, and also enjoys playing with Node.js in her spare time. Her current projects involve a team management website for some Austin area softball organizations.