AustinJS - Couchbase and CouchDB

Chris was one of the early committers to the Apache CouchDB project and has been working on CouchDB for over 3 years. He’s watched CouchDB grow from unknown to a widely deployed and trusted database, now used by large organizations such as the BBC and CERN as well as small organizations like Dimagi using CouchDB on smartphones in rural Africa. Chris has a unique perspective from being involved in all aspects of Couchbase, he is deep into technology but equally involved in the business side of Couchbase</p>

JavaScript CouchApps Hackalong: jQuery, Couchbase, and a Chat App in 30 minutes or less -- Couchbase is an HTTP server (as well as a database) so it can serve apps directly to the browser. In this talk, we'll build an HTML5 app on Couchbase, at a pace that anyone who knows basic JavaScript will be able to keep up with. At the end we'll create an ad-hoc cluster so we can all chat across the distributed system. I'll talk a little about how you can use the same techniques for serious apps, not just fun chat toys.