Austin Drupal - Acquia Commons - using Drupal for Social Business Software

Acquia's Kieran Lal is making a special stop in Austin to spread the word about Acquia Commons.

Social business is no longer a nice to have, but now a business imperative to improve customer engagement, build loyal partner networks, and improve internal collaboration. All of the most popular web sites on the Internet today — the most visited and most engaging — are either social networks or online communities. It is now a leading trend that these social elements take place within a company or organization's own online space, providing a number of user and stakeholder benefits.

Acquia Commons is the [open alternative] social business software providing, enabling organizations to quickly build content-rich communities. A distribution of Drupal, Commons provides greater flexibility and faster innovation than traditional proprietary solutions - all with a lower total cost.

This session will inform you on: What are typical use cases for Commons How it is different than other social business solutions How using Commons accelerates timelines