AoR - Deploying Rails to your own private cloud with OpenNebula and Cobbler

It's a fact Rails wouldn't be where it is today without fantastic cloud providers like Amazon, EngineYard, Heroku, and Rackspace. The ability to scale hardware to run your Rails applications with what can amount to only a few clicks of a button makes sure you keep those customer transactions flowing in, as well as giving your customers the best experience possible based on their geography. Still there are situations where you want the ease of deployment of the cloud but can't necessarily justify the cost, or perhaps you are in a field where not knowing exactly where your data is sitting and who might have access to it is a big problem. The latter fact has actually kept a lot of the healthcare market out of the clouds.

This talk will show you how to set up a private cloud running Rails on your own local hardware. We will cover various topics such as setting up OpenNebula and Cobbler, some of the key options they have, as well as configuring from-scratch templates for installing a Linux OS, RVM, Rails, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, Unicorn, Nginx, and Capistrano; an example of all the necessary accoutrements necessary to put together a production level deployment of Rails. Best of all your systems engineers will love you because you will end up having complete running documentation on exactly how every system you deploy is set up. Last but not least we will cover how to get your Rails application cloud deployment to spill over to EC2 or any OCCI compliant cloud provider when your own local hardware capabilities are exceeded. Actual cloud deployment templates and recipes will be provided afterwards as well as deployments scripts that will allow you to deploy your own fully functional OpenNebula private cloud system ready for Rails with near zero configuration.

Ethan Waldo has been working with Ruby and Rails for about 3 years. Although having quit a few months ago, he still happens to be the lead contributor to OpenPHIN where he cut his teeth on a professional Rails app from scratch. Now Ethan is working on top secret Rails projects for Cambia Information Group.

Ethan Waldo