AustinJavascript - JavaScript widgets

For April, we have a brief yet insightful presentation by a local, Howard Rauscher on developing 3rd party JavaScript widgets and we'll talk more about the IE9 Developer contest, Dev Unplugged.

For most of Howard's 6 year developer career, JavaScript programming has been an everyday thing. He's been lucky enough to work on projects that were highly coupled to Prototype and jQuery before the libraries had good test coverage for IE6. This gave Howard the opportunity to become very familiar with the internals of those libraries and over time he was able to master the internals and was able to contribute some patches back.

Recently he started working at a new startup called Mass Relevance which provides social media curation and visualizations to media companies such MTV, New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN . One of his primary roles has been to ensure that their JavaScript widgets don't break across majors browsers on customer websites. Howard's presentation will consist of walking through a simple jQuery plugin (line-by-line), talking about the art of releasing a jQuery plugin and peeking at some real-world use cases. Noobs and experts will both benefit!