AustinDrupal Drush

Chris Ruppel from Four Kitchens will be giving the low down about Drush Make and talking about his awesome new project, a click-and-point tool for quickly creating custom Drupal installations.


It only takes a few Drupal installs to notice the pointless repetition of the process. First you download Drupal core, then the latest modules, your favorite base/admin themes, other libraries for JavaScript or WYSIWYG editing, and so on... Why should you have to do this over and over? The answer is: you don't.

In this session we'll discuss automating Drupal installations using Drush make. A makefile is a simple, human-readable macro that is executed by Drush. It can save you tons of time and effort!

Coming in to this session you should be comfortable using Drush, or at least understand it. There will be some command line demos.

Coming out of this session you will have:

Basic understanding of makefiles, their creation, and deployment
Example makefiles for common types of sites
A point-and-click generator for makefiles - drop dead simple
The desire to never install Drupal manually ever again